I’m Kellen Coleman. I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

Kellen “Cache” Coleman is the founder of Coleman PR & Consulting Firm a full-service firm with a focus on social media influencers on an international scale. Kellen has a passion for family, education, business, and travel. With over a decade of experience as a PR professional, he has had the opportunity to serve clients in both the government and private sector. His niche is maximizing the judicious use of social media and influencers for both individuals, companies, and governments. He serves as an international business liaison for several media outlets and is the host and co-host of various podcasts focusing on entrepreneurship and worldwide travel. His combined love for family and education led him to co-create Fomenky Publishing House which focuses on increasing diversity in literary works specifically in children’s literature. He currently co-authors a children’s book series: “London and Sydney explore the world” with his wife Tina Coleman. The series focuses on documenting the adventures of his young daughters; London and Sydney on their globetrotting adventures as a family told from the perspective of their children. When not zigzagging across the globe with his family, Kellen is an engaging public speaker who focuses on simplifying complex topics with his content-rich and engaging presentations. His passion for entrepreneurship and education with his innate talent in communication make him a highly sought-after speaker for national and international audiences. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Kellen was a writer for various music publications with a focus on the hip-hop genre.

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“Kellen is a brilliant leader, capable of defining and executing ambitious visions. I have experienced him as a consultant for influencers, athletes, and physicians who handle complex problems with a smile on his face. Kellen brought a loving but direct approach to solving my problems and for that I say Merci!”


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"How to Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field"


“How to Publish and Profit from Books, eBooks, and Informational Products”


"Content Marketing on the Internet and Beyond"


“Simple Strategies to Build Buzz Online”


"How To Travel & Invest In African Countries"


"Need a Sports Agent"


"Executive Protection"


"Life Skills"

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