We prioritize a Return on Relationship (ROR) as much as your Return on Investment (ROI), so as to build a more stronger and connected community

Organizational Development and Change Management

A strategy or idea can sound great on paper, but to succeed, it needs to work in practice. We go beyond the rhetoric by helping our clients and partners focus on pragmatic factors. With change sweeping the community and a plan to adapt your organization along with it, a critical factor to your success lies with effective change activation and a deep understanding of the role your organizational culture plays in implementing your new strategies or service models. To ensure the sustainability of your strategic initiatives, we can support you with a culturally responsive approach that helps you serve your clients.

Preparing Request for Proposals (RFP)

We write tailored, persuasive and high quality RFPs to support your initiatives, while utilizing your tools, databases, collaborating with teams across your organization to source detailed inputs to craft differentiated, well positioned measurable that are appropriately customized for a specific opportunity. We will also help you manage a structured, organized RFP process that incorporates stakeholder inputs.

We will assist in developing a strong knowledge base of your funding goal, investment approach and other aspects of the initiative’s platform to effectively understand and respond to client requests. Our consultant will coordinate with your staff and liaisons to develop and maintain an accurate and up-to-date written material. Our goal is also to initiate, participate and lead projects within the RFP response team to help support and build the RFP process and materials (e.g., database maintenance, updating standardized content, etc.)

Assisting Small Businesses

We are dedicated to assisting small businesses get off the ground, have a better growth trajectory and achieve their goals. Seattle is a very diverse city that has many opportunities for many immigrant and refugee individuals who want to open a business.

Coleman PR Firm uses a participatory approach in its outreach strategy, and aligns its focus with a pragmatic approach that strengthens small businesses. This approach is intended to improve delivery, get to know the needs of targeted populations, as well as making small business owners aware of new strategies that enhance growth. We always develop the best approach that serves your needs, while adhering to best practices that keep small businesses in good standing on all levels.

Outreach Strategies and Implementation

Strategic thinking – and doing – is at the core of our work. This isn’t the type of strategy that sits on a shelf in a binder. With our team’s depth of knowledge in outreach, we provide a culturally responsive approach for incorporating external and internal assessments, design thinking methods, leadership strategy sessions, and outreach implementation plans so your strategy fits your objectives and benefits the entire community. Our consultants have a strong experience in assisting immigrant and refugee community members in Washington, Minnesota, Virginia, and Ohio.

Anyone can print flyers and hand them out. Our approach goes far beyond flyers, because we focus on proactively engaging the community by empowering them, and connecting them with your organization on a deeper level. Outreach sets the table for many projects, and nothing gets accomplished without effective outreach. We will help you understand the underlying principles of creating effective outreach.

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