About The Authors

The creative at work

Kellen “Cache” Coleman is the founder of Coleman PR & Consulting Firm a
full-service firm with a focus on social media influencers on an international
scale. Kellen has a passion for family, education, business, and travel. With
over a decade of experience as a PR professional, he has had the
opportunity to serve clients in both the government and private sector. His
niche is maximizing the judicious use of social media and influencers for
both individuals, companies, and governments. He serves as an
international business liaison for several media outlets and is the host and
co-host of various podcasts focusing on entrepreneurship and worldwide

The motivator at work

Dr. Coleman graduated nursing school 10 years ago and has worked in several disciplines including Critical Care, Dialysis, Surgery and Long term care & Rehab. In the interim, she went on to pursue further education graduating with a Medical Degree
(M.D.) from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2014. Currently, she is completing her residency training in Seattle, WA. She worked consistently as a nurse during her medical training process, working as an ICU and dialysis nurse while
in medical school. She has held several leadership positions in nursing including charge nurse and nurse manager positions. She is currently working as a nurse consultant while completing her training in medicine. Her areas of interest include education,
legal nurse consulting, nursing entrepreneurship, career strategies and planning. She currently works as a nurse educator focusing on writing Continuing education courses for multiple national publications.

Her passion for education led her to create a company CNAtoMD whose sole focus is to mentor, assist and guide anyone interested in a career in healthcare. With an uncanny ability to navigate the education and healthcare systems she has helped dozens of mentees create and establish healthcare career plans to help
them attain career goals that they set for themselves.

“Nursing is my foundation upon which I am building my medical
career. I firmly believe that the nursing perspective in caring
for a patient is a different and absolutely critical portion
necessary to provide the best care to our ever changing patient

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